About Us

For over 5 years, Black Tie Martini, with your bugets, bring food, fun/games, decor and a live Dj to create the perfect Happy Hour for your building. Wine & Cheese Scoials are our specialty an are talked about for months as the best time had in lobbies or club rooms. Black Tie Martini is one of the most sought after social caterers in the residential/commercial industry for Resient or Tenant retention. Property Managers consider Black Tie Martini, the go to for easy memory lasting fun in their buildings. Working with budgets big or small, we will captivate your Residents or Tenants alike. We blend upscale style to our menus by using the freshest ingredients, produce, meats and plate it all on whimsical fine dining platters.
Our menus can be chosen by our consultants or given to us in a recipe to suit your needs and taste. Parties, Gatherings, Socials or Grand Openings should only be hosted and catered by Black Tie Martini  for unforgettable events.

Our Story

“Not Just A Party”, it’s an experience”.